family-skating4 family-skating6 How was your weekend? Ours was pretty good, obviously. Saturday we went skating, family skating ended up being the sweet jam in my Saturday – sandwiched perfectly between two yoga slices of bread. It was an accidental overly physical day for me, but a super nice accident it was (the amount of food I consumed at the end of the day was a slightly hilarious/embarrassing result).

Skating was good and such a change from last year. Last winter, the kids mostly sat and then left with really wet sore bums. This time both of them have been taking skating lessons and it’s shocking how quickly they are improving, I’m pretty sure “You are doing such a great job!!” was getting a little old as we kept saying it over and over (and over) to both of them. I always forget how much I like skating, it usually takes me till it’s time to get off the ice to find my groove (and not be super wobbly).

On my list of things to do for next winter (which is still on my list from many years ago): buy skates for Chris and I (no more renting) and even more importantly, learn how to stop.



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