Over The Weekend

Easter morning, the kids woke up at 3am and we coaxed (tricked) them to go back to bed for another 2 hours. They woke up and put on their “favorite Easter clothes” and bounced into our room to wake us up, vibrating with excitement. They hunted for sugar and we all had a family nap, best part of the entire weekend in my opinion.

Easter is a funny holiday for me, I am not religious so most of the special parts of the holiday are totally lost on me. What we are left with is a slightly creepy bunny (maybe even human sized?) that sneaks into our home and hides chocolate for the kids. It’s fun but definitely not as magical and heart warming as Christmas, for us non-religious folk that is. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining! I’ll take any day that comes with magical exciting moments for the kids and tack on long weekend, well that’s perfection—but still as far as holidays go, it’s totally a weird one for me. Easter weekend/long weekend in APRIL and snow. But hey, it’s Canada I’m not surprised—I know you weren’t either. It was pretty beautiful, big GIANT fluffy flakes floating down in super slow mo. Harley and I carried our SoYoung cooler bag to keep our Easter chocolate (junk) from melting (the perfect temp controlled “Easter basket”), because when looking at the calendar (April and all) it should have been a warm day. Somehow we became the family that goes to every parade. I actually don’t even really like parades, I probably sound like a liar but I’m not joking. It happened totally by accident, Christmas parade is an easy one since the kids always ask to go. Easter parade is a new-ish tradition, we go to hang with our friends—also it’s a good parade, basically the kids leave with another full basket of candies. All the other parades we sat and watched were stumbles, like we walked around a corner and “hey, look it’s a parade” sorta stumble. I guess we just have the parade luck.

Any day with these goofs is a good day. Waiting for our chariot of luxury, so luxurious that when Harlow got on she said “oh boy, it stinks in here!”. Fresh, spring city air…..sigh!

Funny thing, I sat down to write a blog post, realizing that I haven’t posted since Thursday–I take full advantage of long weekends these days. I thought I had nothing to write, one of those Tuesdays that feels like a Monday and I can’t jump-start my brain no matter how hard I try. But it would seem (after scrolling back over all the words I just typed), that clearly I was wrong. Hope you all had a fantastic long (Easter/passover) weekend!!



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