Over the weekend, Chris and I had our first ever trip alone since becoming parents. We hadn’t spent more then a couple hours alone together and had never had an overnight-er. Chris decided that a weekend getaway, just us two was be the perfect way to celebrate the weekend of my birth. It took a ton of convincing, but I finally got down with the plan. And I’m so glad I did, we had a really great time and so did the kids – win win win win (there is 4 of us). We packed up and drove to Niagara Falls, since it is only an hour and a half from home, it was the perfect “getaway”. Two kids who don’t ride in a car often and were pretty grateful for the ride.

My “wtf did we just do?! I can’t go anywhere without the kids…turn back!” moment/hour.

weekend11 Niagara Falls, Canada in it’s cheesiest tourist strip glory.

weekend13 What you mean I can eat my food while it’s actually hot?

weekend3 weekend4 weekend5 Even in the cold weather, so much beauty. I always assume that I don’t need to see the falls, but it’s still memorizing every single time.

weekend7 Cable tv and being lazy, super simple pleasures.

Spend $10 win $8.50, it was a fun hour.

weekend8 Downtown Niagara Falls, maybe not the busiest place on a weekend. Also getting carded like crazy the weekend I turn 32, birthday present win.

weekend9 Leave the tourist trap to find regular priced food. We really love a good dive, just can’t judge a book by it’s cover.

weekend10 weekend14 We picked up the kids, and it was cuddle town for the rest of the day. They of course had a blast without the boring parents, so thankful that my cousin could watch them and that they all had such a great time together.

These are a few iphone snaps, in case the pixels didn’t give them away. Our first ever weekend away was a success, but more on that later. We had planned on stopping to see family that live near by, but weren’t able to make it happen. We kept talking about how much the kids would enjoy a visit to the Falls (figures, talking about the kids the whole time) so hopefully we can swing by with them in tow, when the months get a bit warmer.  Even though it was only to Niagara Falls, I fell like I might have caught a bit of a travel bug – I feel the need to find a way to make more trips with the whole family (and maybe some with just the adults) happen.


  1. says

    "What you mean I can eat my food while it’s actually hot?" HAHA that made me laugh so hard. I LOVE NIAGRA FALLS. I was on the Canadian side and I had the best time ever there… when I didn’t even think I’d have that much fun at all. It’s so beautiful there and there’s so much other stuff to do. Happy you guys had some time alone… and then you probably missed the kids so much that it was just as fun getting to see them again after being away! I love that feeling 🙂

  2. Mónica says

    That’s what happens when you have children … one can not live without. But we also need to spend time with the couple without the kids hanging around. Kisses and happy Tuesday.


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