pale-pink-trend [images: leather jacket, sweater, skinnies, blazer]

As a self proclaimed disliker of pink, I’m pretty shocked at myself. I mean, I literally just said I wasn’t a fan of pink 2 days ago – but this is the week I eat my own words, might as well add a few more to the pile. For some reason or another, I am just totally digging pale pink right now. It’s not the best color for my extreme paleness but whatever I still want it in my closet.

A grey tee and pale pink skinnies, yes (I need to be careful it’s not the same pale pink, as my pale skin – not really digging the whole pantless look) . Pale pink leather jacket, white tee and ripped jeans, totally sold! It’s the perfect addition to a lover of basics and essentials, a tiny neutral hit of color.  Would you add a hit of pale pink to your life?


  1. Sarah says

    love the grey t/pink skinnies idea! I have some pale pink chinos but never really sure what to wear with them. Will try this look this week!


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