bombshell natural eyebrows I am obsessed with eyebrows lately. Like if we are talking, i just might be looking at your eyebrows instead of your eyes – okay not really, but also maybe. I recently grew out my eyebrows, they weren’t thin or overly arched or anything like that (those chic styles don’t really suit my face, or so I assume). I just wanted to start from scratch, SO back to au-natural caterpillars I went (but not really). I have always been a natural makeup girl and the thick bombshell eyebrows seem to go with that. But at 30-something years old I don’t feel like I’ve quite grasped my full eyebrow potential. Like I just haven’t gotten the perfect natural bombshell eyebrow yet (I don’t know why, they feel like they should be named bombshell). I sound like I’m putting a ton of stock in those two small lines of hair that hover over eyes, but I did mention I was slightly obsessed lately (so there you go).

So I decided, it’s one of those things I need to seek a professional out for – it’s one of those things that no one really ever tells you to seek a professional about, like a bra fitting. But will probably be life changing, like a bra fitting. I have always been hesitant, mostly because I am not a fan of waxing eyebrows but that is for sure not the only option so basically I was making excuses (most likely my frugal nature was standing in my way). I have a feeling it’s going to be a big ahha moment, or so I hope (I’ll keep you posted).

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  1. says

    I recommend threading. It’s not as painful as waxing and overtime your hair stops growing where it was threaded. I have to go back less and less after four years of doing it.

    Also, thick eyebrows are a sign of personal success, that’s what my thread lady always tells me!

  2. says

    I just started filling in my brows with a pencil recently and what a difference it makes! Now I feel weird if I leave the house without it on. Instantly makes me feel more pulled together. Even with minimal makeup on. 🙂

  3. dearlylalizzie says

    I am also obsessed with eyebrows. I hate how skinny mine are naturally so I always end up staring at celebrities with larger eyebrows like Lily Collins. Hers are perfectttttt.

  4. says

    I´ve been always obsessed with eyebrows, always notice that all beautiful women have beautiful eyebrows.
    I prefer thick ones.
    you are so right about bra fitting, I had one after my 2 breastfeeding and really changed my life, I feel kind of pretty again
    Good luck with your eyebrows!

  5. Kim says

    i have always been obsessed with eyebrows too, that being said i think yours look pretty great. I also HATE when people take off the fine hairs on the inner corner and then they end up with this harsh line that starts to far over. Drives me nuts!!!

    p.s. love your blog, I just started reading a few months ago. You inspired me to get back outside exploring with my daughter (She is the same age as yours) and get out of my neighbourhood, as I was getting into a rut!! So Thank You!!


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