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The kids love to walk around and vandalize the city, with washable chalk. It takes us forever (I cannot emphasize foooooorever, enough) to get anywhere but they love to make marks along the way. So (in case it isn’t obvious) we don’t get lost. Heck you never know when you could lose your way, one day these little X’s might really come in handy. In the meantime, it’s just really a ton of fun for them! So next on the summer to do list: Chalk up Your City!


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Guess who has a severe case of the long weekend hangovers? This girl. Yesterday was Canada’s birthday, she is more beautiful and friendly as ever. Everyday I am proud to call Canada our home, but of course being Canadian I am quiet about it. We didn’t really do much to celebrate or nations birthday, some wandering, meandering, checking out a celebration, movie watching and dinner with friends. Actually it is a lot, but at the end of the day I wished we had a few more patriotic traditions when it comes to this great ladies birthday (she’s totally a woman, I don’t care what you say). But I guess that is up to me, to create some for next year and add them to our Canada Day mix.

It was a great day and a fantastic weekend – a great start to our (first official) summer vacation. Also please ignore the fact that none of use are wearing red, it’s pretty much all my fault. Pink is a close sister to red and if you squint a little it looks red. right?

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Last week, King planned (all by himself I might add) for us to have a picnic in the park. It happened to be on a night that Chris had to work, so it was just a party for 3. King picked and packed the blanket, and we grabbed wraps from Freshii (that’s a spinach, kale and quinoa wrap, wrapped in collard greens – highly suggest you try it) and then went to play at the park until our stomachs yelled at us. Really nothing fancy. I wish I could say it was such a blissful and dreamy dinner hour, but lets be honest this is real life that and I forgot how around 5-7 pm the kids get a little coo-coo crazy (I know, how could I forget). There was surely some crazy (mostly me going a little crazy) but also a lot of smiles and just a great time. It was so lovely to just go with the flow and follow a plan that King had created (I’m not always the best at just going with the flow), I will definitely be following his creative lead more – and am a little excited/scared for what he will think of next time.

I’m going to start keeping track of our summer to do’s, after they are done (so summer to done’s?). The little outings or happenings, that at the end of the day felt perfect and amazing (even if a little stressful) no matter how small. When we do stuff, we usually try to keep spending to the lowest possible minimum – I’m hoping at the end of the summer I have a list of the perfect simple summer to-do’s that are tried and tested (and cheap). A list I can follow or build on for next year, and maybe one you can follow along with too.  First up on the summer to do list: go have a picnic in the park!


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I think it’s pretty safe to say summer is officially here, at least that’s what all this sweat on top of sweat/extreme heat and humidity, are telling us. Yesterday we headed to Toronto Island, the beach was the destination but we stopped at the farm, amusement park, splash pad and park along the way (you pretty much have to do it all). The best part about the day was watching in awe as these two kiddos had endless amount of fun. Even though they have been to the island tons of times the pure joy and laughter that beamed from them, was as if yesterday was the best day of their lives. We then dragged our tired, sun kissed butts home (and fought a little through the crowds, it was a crazy busy one) and basically zonked out at an epic speed (at least the two smallest family members did). How was your weekend?

The kids swim suits are from Sunuva, and that Goonies looking pirate ship was part of the Tall Ships Festival that was happening over the weekend.


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There are those moments in parenting when you are reminded (like a swift jab to the heart) that having kids is like having parts of your very own heart, pumping and thriving outside of your body. You can literally feel those outside heart parts beating in your own heart (I don’t think analogies get more confusing). Usually those reminders come with heart pains, from watching our little humans grow and experience things we’d much rather shelter them from.

I have been experiencing some severe heart pains, watching as my my kids grow and learn to deal with other kids who may not be treating them very well (more specifically, being mean and hurtful). All I want to do is jump in and shelter them (forever), but I know in my (real) beating heart that they need to experience these things and learn how to deal with people who may be unkind to them and stand up for themselves. Because sadly, I won’t always be there to shelter or intervene. So what do you do, other then cry on the inside as you feel all the emotions that wave over them (plus your own wave of emotions) and then run to hug them (when it’s all over and the other kid is gone) to tell them how amazing they handled the situation and how proud you are of them. Of course if a situation ever gets violent or to a place where my child is obviously struggling to handle, I am like Flash Gordon breaking things up before anyone has a chance to blink.

I realized the other day (it was a super sad day for all of us) that when it comes to my 4 year old, we are mostly past the situations where I take the lead in the moment and explain how we act (respond or talk) towards others even if they are unkind. I need to watch and let him handle situations on his own (and be ready to jump if he needs me) and afterwards remind and strengthen him on how we treat others they way we want to be treated even if they are unkind and how we can only control how we react and respond, not how others treat us. And holy hell, it’s a new kind of hard – a heart hurting, I want to carry my kid all the way home and rock him to sleep at night and never ever let him go, hard.


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When it comes to Chris, well to be pretty honest he is my favorite person, plain and simple. When it comes to him as “Dad”, well he is way beyond the best (like super Dad status times infinity). I could list off a billion aspects why we love this man as fiercely as we do, but that is much better kept for a Father’s Day card (I wouldn’t want to give away all his talents and secrets). I love everything about our simple life together, but no part of that life would be possible without all the hard work, jokes, cuddles, love, and affection this man brings to us. Chris, as far as Dad’s (and husbands and best friends) go you are better than sliced bread – actually, better than an ice cold beer on a super hot summer day (now that’s a lot!).

Upon editing pictures that I paparazzi’d of my family yesterday, I noticed most of them just happen to be taken from behind – it made me laugh. We didn’t stop much yesterday, except to struggle through a family pedal boating session. Our boat must have been broken because, damn that thing was hard to pedal because as if there is a possibility that our super muscly legs just weren’t strong enough (insert side eye). And to ride a miniature train around the Steam Whistle grounds (which might have put me close to snooze town, it was strangely relaxing). Both things also happened to be much more enjoyable with the camera zipped away (so you will just have to take my word for it). Since we didn’t stop much, and we walked a lot (as we like to do) my photo stand point was from my usual walking point of view. See, when Chris is home the kids naturally smother him (heck, he is better than sliced bread). I love to be the lone fourth wheel trailing behind them, smiling like a fool as I watch how adorable my family is as they walk – which means, back of head and bum photos are pretty much my specialty.

I hope everyone had a fantastic Father’s Day, whoever or however you liked to celebrate (or not celebrate)!

PS. Harlow’s Dress is c/o PRSPR and Chris is sporting the latest in tensor bandages, the hottest thing for a sore runners ankle.


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Tree climbing lessons turned into a “no girls allowed”, tree.

Oh you know, just making sure that evening bath is super worthwhile.

The very careful smelling of flowers, as she side eyes the bee’s buzzing around.

Caught Chris gramming, sorta.

Now that’s a well loved water bottle, and a thirsty tired boy.

My poorly timed dentist appointment, turned into a surprise day off for Chris (surprise for us, not work). It was a nice mid week break, almost felt like the weekend – which made this morning feel a little like a Monday, worth it!


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The tail end of our Sunday, was like the perfect foreshadow into our summer days ahead. After a super fun weekend (the kids and friends went to SkyZone for the first time, definitely not the last) King, Harlow and I went out for a walk/park/smoothie date. With Kingston is school in the mornings, our afternoons are usually pretty busy and definitely not as carefree as they used to be.

Sunday afternoon, made me extra excited for school Summer Vacation. Days spent park hopping, stopping only to nap or grab a bite. Two more weeks and two days to go, I cannot wait (and I’m sure the kids would be super excited if they knew what it all meant) for those sunny summer days – even if the weather forecast doesn’t really look so sunny.


· June 10, 2013 · in Daily,Real Life