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FROWN-UPSIDE-DOWN DRAWN-TO-PINK SCOOTER-AND-PIANO STOP-FOR-A-KISS NON-REALXING-COFFEE BALLERINA-DREAMS Without my iphone I think i would miss so many of these little but oh so significant moments in life. That’s probably a lie, because I would just be lugging my SLR around or maybe still have a point and shoot. But the iphone in my pocket makes capturing a moment as it happens SO much easier and inconspicuous (so they barely see me and don’t instantly stop). I love going through my camera roll and adore that struggle I face when choosing which moments need a few extra words for memories sake. There are just so many moments that I never want to forget and I love that I am always able to capture SO many.

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· February 10, 2014 · in Daily,remember forever


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