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Weekends are for adventures, exploring and lots of relaxing. They are most importantly made for those “are you sleeping?” questions and the “nope, just resting my eyes” answers. I live for these heart melting cuddle pile moments, sometimes I’m weird and like to sit and soak up the cuteness of my cute family before jumping in to join. Part of my life job is managing the household. I try to manage it in such a way so the times when Chris is home with us and not working his tuchus off, we can all sit back and enjoy a family movie and a good ol’ eye resting. With a small side of “I cooked, so you do the dishes” of course. Many times this means when Monday rears her head, the entire house is in shambles. My work and life work is far far behind schedule – but moments like this make that heart pumping anxious feeling in my belly thinking about all the things I need to back on track come Monday, SO worth it. Hopefully you got to rest your eyes over the weekend, and now please excuse me while I rush off to run in circles before I get my loooong list back on track.

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· October 21, 2013 · in Daily,Real Life


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