I used to read, a lot – like a book a week, when I was commuting to work. Then I had kids, I still read pretty often but at that point it was mostly books about buns in the oven, boobs and milk. Then I starting blogging/working from home and my reading pretty much went to zlitch.

Last year I vowed to read more, I didn’t do as well as I had hoped (see also: not very well at all) – but I did read more, going from nothing to something is well, something. I am coining 2014 THE YEAR OF THE BOOK WORM, I have a new book and I am read to go – I hope/plan to read a book a month. I figure if I can find time to practice yoga once a day I can find time to read. These are some of the books I really want to get to this year (a pretty wide range of topics, I like a little of this and that and everything in between), and I’m sure once I get rolling there will be many I want to add to this list.

the year of the book worm

1ST ROW: a house in the skypresent shockburial rites
2ND ROW: the tipping pointdetroitthe goldfinch
3RD ROW: the wisdom of yogaiti forgot to remember
4TH ROW: last night at the viper roomthe seven spiritual laws for parentsinside

A couple months ago I read Brain On Fire and Orange Is The New Black – both were really really great. I’m a big fan of Non-Ficton and self help books (I like books I can learn from), but a drop of Fiction here or there is also really great. There are always so many books I want to read, but I get caught up in the sticker price (I like to own a book so I can pass it on, part of the fun) and then time (usually I tell myself it’s the lack of time) talks me out of doing it – this year, I’m not going to let any of those excuses into my home.

Are you like me and need to get your nose in a book more? Or do you read a lot, if so tell me about some of the great books you have read lately?

*someone once told me, that you can tell a lot about someone by the books they read – pretty sure I just gave that person a whole lot of all over the place information, about myself.


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When I was first approached about reviewing this app I honestly wasn’t really into it. First, off because I don’t really write reviews (or actually never do), and secondly I thought I need another deal site/app like I need a hole in my wallet. But I thought I better have a look at the app before making any real snap judgments, and after looking I realized I would most likely tell all my (Canadian) friends about this app anyways and use it myself all the time. I decided so write a little review that way I can tell all you about it in one fail swoop. Sorry American and International friends, this is a FREE iPhone app for Canadians only (or people visiting Canada).

The iPhone app I quickly fell for is; ShopCatch, it is like all your Google sale searches and store e-newsletters all in one, but of course better. Most deal apps are either flash sites (you know the things you don’t actually need but, will most likely buy and never use because well it’s 80% off!), or coupon/deals from stores you either never shop at or have never heard of. Also, for us Canadians generally most of these deal apps never-ever have any Canadian cities or stores listed. I know I spent one evening searching and searching for an app that actually had deals I could use.

Well, ShopCatch is that app I was looking for, it is the deal app that posts shopping deals from major retailers in your favorite Canadian shopping malls. It is the app that holds all the deals to the stores you actually shop at, deals you wouldn’t know about unless you visited the physical store itself (which would always be so nice to know before you got there).Just a few of the stores that have deals updated constantly on ShopCatch (there are 150)

It is a fantastic shopping resource to have on hand, check it before heading out to the mall and learn which stores are having sales. Need to buy something specific, check ShopCatch to see who has a sale before heading out. You can search for deals by shopping mall, by your current GPS location (or by city), or create a list and follow your favorite stores to stay up to date on sales as they pop up.

You can redeem a deal using ShopCatch in three easy steps:

  1. Use the app or mobile website to locate a deal near their location.
  2. Tap on the details of the deal to pull up its promotional code or coupon.
  3. Show the promotional code or coupon to the cashier to redeem

rated as one of the top 5 shopping apps in the Apple store

I only have two wishes (I’m sure will be granted soon since ShopCatch is still really new); they include some outdoor shopping resources (Queen West, Yorkville, etc) since in Toronto we have alot of shopping outdoors (actually more outdoor shopping than malls), and even more retailers! I am pretty sure this is an app I will be using alot, I like a deal and so does my wallet.  ShopCatch will be especially helpful on boxing day, this year I plan to do a little boxing day shopping (I never usually even entertain the idea) and ShopCatch will help me make a stratigic action plan (required on that crazy shopping day).

This month, one lucky ShopCatch user will win a $2,000 gift card from Visa, or 12 $50-gift cards from retail partners. Visit ShopCatch on Facebook for contest details.

So basically Canadians get the ShopCatch app, it’s awesome.

*This is a sponsored post, but all opinions are mine alone. I only write about items or products that my family and I use or love.*

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