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I am an optimist at heart, my glasses are forever rosey and my glass is always half full – with this comes a whole whack of gratitude. It seems to go hand in hand with positivity, though they aren’t monogamous or exclusive. I am pretty darn good at constantly feeling this overwhelming feeling of gratitude, but I often fall short on expressing it. I am trying to change that, noticing and feeling grateful is only 2/3 of being grateful (I read this article last week, and it reminded me again why I wanted to write a post like this). Also I find it’s usually the small moments, people, things and instances that lead me to the large feeling of gratitude for the entire day. I go to bed with a smile on my face thinking of those moments (as well as all the thoughts of regret or over thinking my actions, what I didn’t get done and what I have to do – because I am human, but those don’t belong in this post).

I have been working at breaking down all those separate feelings and instances, recognizing those small things that happen throughout the day – and expressing my grateful feelings, while keeping track of the individual moments. I know those instances will end up being some of my fondest memories – and I want to make sure along with expressing my gratitude that I am keeping full stock of the moment. So this is me sharing a simple moment or two that I am overwhelmingly grateful for, for my own personal memories and maybe to help remind someone else to notice, savour and express. 1: The one family member that makes everything we do so unbelievably exciting. Chris just has a way about him (even when he’s not trying) that makes even the simple act of getting a glass a water, super exciting and fun. It has become a tradition for us to walk our tree home, it’s only a few blocks away but I’m sure it’s not comfortable for him to carry it – he carries it with a huge smile and the whole act makes the kids walk home so proud and even more excited. I am also grateful for the tree, how the super simple act of putting a tree up can warm up the whole home and put a heavy dose of Christmas spirit and excitement in everything we do. (It’s more like a two in one.)

2: When we came home from the Christmas Market, King told me what him and Harlow talked about with Santa. He said that Harlow told Santa “We are so thankful for you” and that he told Santa “I love you so much” – then of course they told him what they wished for, but oh boy the sweetness.

3: Little kids learning from a super patient Father, listening to them ask him questions and him so patiently respond. All while I sit back sick and unable to really help with anything, Chris notices everything and doesn’t miss a beat – takes care of them and me with such patience and kindness.

I already do a series with moments I never want to forget. So this post is very similar (but also not), I’m not sure if this post will become a series (my first “gratitude” post is here), I also haven’t decided if it’s TMI yet – so we will just have to wait and see. What are you most grateful for this day/week/month/season/day (all of the above)?


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grateful for today, less is more, be grateful, grateful life, happy life, thankful

Grateful, such a simple word but a powerful, one that seems to be constantly on my mind. Recently it is the word I use to start my day off; as I lay in Shavasana during yoga practice or as I cuddle my kids during a morning cartoons. I take a single moment to stop thinking about the day ahead and yesterday, and just think about what I am most grateful for. The first thought that comes to my head is the one I focus and sent intentions on for the full day. It helps to calm myself, and later when I hit a struggle (or toddler tantrums) I am brought back to that thought of gratitude.

I think I have always been a pretty grateful person, in the recent years (call it old age) I have realized the things I need for a happy life are right here in front of me – in my hands and in my heart. I am a simple person with simple tastes, the whole less is more trend is a great one and one I think I have been accidentally living my whole life. It wasn’t until recently that I realized a more important part of this simple/basic trend is feeling grateful. Finding out in your heart what makes you feel grateful everyday, and remove the excess clutter. Definitely a life long and age old goal, one that has crept into every aspect of my life – through the books I read, how I practice yoga, how I spend my time, and how I speak and interact with others.

I’m not going to post a long list of the things I’m grateful for, it’s actually pretty short and simple – because the big things, trickle down and make the small things happen.

I am most grateful for: My husband, the man who has helped me build our entire world, the amazing man who works 6 days a week 14+ hours a day to provide for us, and always keeps a smile on my face and an embarrassing laugh in my voice. My kids, who have taught me more about myself in the short time they have been here then anyone/thing else, who have taught me how to love pure and simply and shown me how to see the world thru simple non-jaded eye (grateful I get to be their Momma!). My family, for endless support, love,  for shaping me into who I am (and for still shaping me), and for being equally awesome and crazy (the good kind). My friends, because even though we don’t share a blood line it does not mean we aren’t family.

This is my simple list (the top four of my list), as without these 4 things I would not have the perfect place to call home, a passion for the creative, a love for learning, a career path that is constantly growing and expanding, a smile on my face, love in my heart and food in my belly.

And since we are on the topic I really need to say how grateful I am for this little corner of the internet. A place that is mine to share freely about the things I love, to let some of my creativity lose, and a place where I have met so many amazing people (that I otherwise wouldn’t have had the chance to meet). A place that has helped me learn, grow, and focus on the things I truly feel passionate about and also the things that need improvements.  I am ever so grateful for the amazing opportunities and financial help it has given me – in a time when our whole world got flipped arond and me going back to work wasn’t a possibility, this little blog became the place I both loved to come everyday and the thing that helped me contribute to our families bills. And for all those reasons I express my sincere gratitude, to you readers and my lovely sponsors.

So I know this post is filled with much more gooey cheese then you are used to from me, sometimes I just have to share what is heavy on my heart or brain – once in a while I have to play my serious card. With that being said, it’s your turn: What are you grateful for? Start a list, take the first thing that comes to your mind in that moment and focus on it – keep a running list of the things that make your world and there you have your less is more.


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Over the weekend, Chris and I had our first ever trip alone since becoming parents. We hadn’t spent more then a couple hours alone together and had never had an overnight-er. Chris decided that a weekend getaway, just us two was be the perfect way to celebrate the weekend of my birth. It took a ton of convincing, but I finally got down with the plan. And I’m so glad I did, we had a really great time and so did the kids – win win win win (there is 4 of us). We packed up and drove to Niagara Falls, since it is only an hour and a half from home, it was the perfect “getaway”. weekend1 Two kids who don’t ride in a car often and were pretty grateful for the ride.

weekend2 My “wtf did we just do?! I can’t go anywhere without the kids…turn back!” moment/hour.

weekend11 Niagara Falls, Canada in it’s cheesiest tourist strip glory.

weekend13 What you mean I can eat my food while it’s actually hot?

weekend3 weekend4 weekend5 weekend6 Even in the cold weather, so much beauty. I always assume that I don’t need to see the falls, but it’s still memorizing every single time.

weekend7 Cable tv and being lazy, super simple pleasures.

weekend12 Spend $10 win $8.50, it was a fun hour.

weekend8 Downtown Niagara Falls, maybe not the busiest place on a weekend. Also getting carded like crazy the weekend I turn 32, birthday present win.

weekend9 Leave the tourist trap to find regular priced food. We really love a good dive, just can’t judge a book by it’s cover.

We picked up the kids, and it was cuddle town for the rest of the day. They of course had a blast without the boring parents, so thankful that my cousin could watch them and that they all had such a great time together.

These are a few iphone snaps, in case the pixels didn’t give them away. Our first ever weekend away was a success, but more on that later. We had planned on stopping to see family that live near by, but weren’t able to make it happen. We kept talking about how much the kids would enjoy a visit to the Falls (figures, talking about the kids the whole time) so hopefully we can swing by with them in tow, when the months get a bit warmer.  Even though it was only to Niagara Falls, I fell like I might have caught a bit of a travel bug – I feel the need to find a way to make more trips with the whole family (and maybe some with just the adults) happen.


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2013 was a grand year, in terms of life, love, family, friends and this here blog. For some of those amazing life moments I was able to capture small part of them on the blog, for which I am always so grateful. I’m not going to talk much about goals, resolutions, or plans for the new year – I have a lot of goals (for work and this blog) but mostly I like to set intentions that I can live every day. Intentions for life that I can breathe in each day, and mantras for the entire year. Rather then a resolution to change, I like plans and reminders to aim to be better instead. I have always been a less is more, a need only type of girl so this minimal and thoughtful way of setting a simple single goal is what always works best for me. I highly recommend it, think of an intention (or a theme) you’d like to set and try your best to live it everyday of 2014.

2013 was really great to me and my little family, and as the hours creep closer to the close of this year I thought it would be fun (for me and you) to take a stroll back through some of my favorite and yours (based on likes, comments and pins) posts of 2013.

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Not really in any particular favorite order. Do you have a favorite post from the past year, mine or yours?

Have a safe and Happy New Years Eve! 2014 is going to be amazing – I can feel it! Till next year!

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social media in life, restrict time on social media, mom and little girl moments Social media in all it’s glory, can be such a mind suck. I mean it’s great, but pretty darn addictive. Being able to connect with people across the globe (and make amazing friends you otherwise wouldn’t have ever had the opportunity to “meet”), finding a whole community of supportive people you can relate with, stay in touch with old friends or far away family, and get the business word out like nothing else before it – it’s a pretty crazy 21st century machine. It also has a ton of bad aspects, but I’m not diving into those waters right now. For me, all the reasons I like my social accounts, I also sometimes really dislike them. I am a natural multi-tasker, I actually find I work better when doing more then one thing at a time. I sort of thrive off that under-pressure-gotta-do-this-and-this-and-this, feeling. But social media turns me into a multi-tasking monster; I’m working during naptime and I am also checking my phone while the computer thinks, I have a second to walk to the store alone so I check my phone while I’m walking. See, since the window to have a moment to myself is so small (kids) I combine things to get the most out of those small window of alone moments.

I noticed that I have been feeling creatively tapped, and I couldn’t figure out why – other then not sleeping, ever. Until I realized it was because, the times when my brain would wander and daydream, I have been replacing those moments with phone checking, and my extreme multi-tasking. Social media is literally sucking my creative brainstorming time away. I decided I needed to be even more strict with my time on social media – I already try not to check when I’m around the kids so that I focus on them and them alone, I try to keep it to my time only (but I’m also no saint). It’s actually sort of embarrassing admitting that I needed to, force a mandatory time restriction on my adult self. It’s become something that is so apart of daily life, that those knee jerk checking reactions kick in. Like when you are hungry and you go to check the fridge for food, only to go back again and again to see what there is, even though you know its just the same stuff that was in there the first time you checked.

Social media is a weird thing, and I promise it’s only going to get weirder as ideas and technology grows. I am both grateful to have it, yet I wish for a time before it (which really wasn’t too long ago). It is one of those things that you either have to decide to be apart of and ride the growing wave, or step back and avoid it. Technology moves so darn fast, I personally want to stay with it and in the know. When the time comes that my kids are at the age where they are interested, I want to know what the heck is going on (at least in this part of their world). By that time (maybe 10+ years), who the heck knows what the internet and social media will be like and I don’t want to be asking them to teach me how to use stuff. I want to be the teacher, and the monitor all in one.

So I’m all about finding that balance, again. And getting my day dreaming moments back, reminding myself that there is no food in the fridge anyways, so I don’t need to go and check – metaphorically that is, I just went grocery shopping so she is actually pretty stocked.

What do you think, social media is a thing we talk about often (one I always hoped I wouldn’t post about, but here we are cliche and all) – we love to hate it. Do you avoid it, have self made restrictions, or maybe you aren’t a fridge checker?

*This picture, my head is so drained it got chopped off. Actually a cute little boy I know took our picture but accidentally forgot our heads – it’s fitting, sorta.


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nano kids co, five years old, independant kids, happy kids nano kids co, five years old, independant kids, happy kids nano kids co, five years old, independant kids, happy kids TOQUE: The Gap (last year) – COAT: The Gap (on sale today) – SWEATSHIRT: C/O Nano Kids Co. – JEANS: H&M – SHOES: Converse

He is fully adjusted and really loves his full days at school. I, on the other hand am not fully adjusted. This whole full day school thing totally snuck up on me. It came with the kind of tip toeing you get a little upset about cause you actually didn’t hear it coming, rather then pretending you don’t hear it. I am grateful for school, it really came at the perfect time for King – just when he needed more from the world, and maybe a little less from me. It’s a sad thought, but every day I look back on a moment and realize how much more independent he is becoming. Sometimes he kindly tells me, that he can do it himself now. Other times we bicker for weeks about small things until I shake the sand outta my ears and realize, I need to take a small step back.

Five is a crazy awesome, fun and super sad (only for Mom) age. It feels like we are currently transitioning from the little kid, I was teaching 24/7 to a kid kid who learns as much on his own as he does from following my lead. It’s amazing to sit back and watch him interact with others, tell me stories or big awesome ideas, watch him solve problems or share what he learnt in that day – my days are full of proud moments (doubled up with pride from Harlow). When you realize you are currently seeing (with your eyes) so many of the millions of things you have taught someone, it’s a crazy heart thumping out of your chest moment (moments, many moments). Most days I am bursting with pride, he is learning so much at school and growing into such an amazing boy – Chris and I talk about how proud we are of our children every night before bed – usually I high jack the conversation, to weep a little about how much I miss King every moment of the day, when he is in school (and when he is mr. independent 5 year old at home). Parenthood is such an amazing, wild, bittersweet ride.


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joules wellies, joules kids clothing, joules rain boots, siblings, friend for life, sibling love joules wellies, joules kids clothing, joules rain boots, siblings, friend for life, sibling love joules wellies, joules kids clothing, joules rain boots, siblings, friend for life, sibling love joules wellies, joules kids clothing, joules rain boots, siblings, friend for life, sibling love joules wellies, joules kids clothing, joules rain boots, siblings, friend for life, sibling love joules wellies, joules kids clothing, joules rain boots, siblings, friend for life, sibling love joules wellies, joules kids clothing, joules rain boots, siblings, friend for life, sibling love joules wellies, joules kids clothing, joules rain boots, siblings, friend for life, sibling love Harlow //  CARDIGAN: C/O American Apparel – TANK: H&M – LEGGINGS: C/O American Apparel – RAIN BOOTS: C/O Joules

Kingston // VEST: C/O Joules – SHIRT: C/O American Apparel – PANTS: H&M – SHOES: Converse

Watching them together I always get this overwhelming feeling of grateful happiness, because they are mine but also they have each other. They each have a friend for life, also enemies for life but that sorta comes and goes with fights and tiffs – and is good for them in so many ways. No matter where we go they will always have a friend and hopefully someone to count on as they grow up. Looking back on growing up with my siblings, I am thankful for even the fights and feel so lucky to have such great friends I can count on for anything. Of course these two always have Chris and I and the friends they will make throughout life, but boy am I grateful (and maybe most grateful) that they have each other.


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As I get older Thanksgiving really does bring all those thankful thoughts. Though I find for myself,  grateful fits so much better then thankful. Gratesgiving sounds pretty ridiculous and if I ever hear it short formed to “grates” I might (100% I will) bang my head against a wall. I feel much more grateful then thankful (though they technically mean the same thing, they exude very different feelings) on the offical day of thanks and all the other 364 days in the year.

I am grateful for freindsgiving, for having dear friends close by to share a good meal and a great evening with. For too far away family, though I am ever so grateful for them and not for the distance. Friends near and far (some family members fall into this category as well, double grateful) each one for most likely very different but very important reasons. This city and all it has to offer my family. Yoga and the endless tidings it brings my body, mind and soul (no you stop being so cheesy). My little (and to me) most perfect family, I could not be more grateful for them – they bring happiness and content feelings to my world, I have never in my life been more proud of anything as I am of my little clan. And this blog, I really truly owe so much gratitude to what this space has brought my way. At first for what started as an outlet for a Mom unsure of what life without work would be like, then the amazing connections and people that have come my way, of course the financial support for my family through sponsors and advertisers, the out of this world opportunities that I never would have crossed paths with or even been able to dream of otherwise, and the love and constant support all you readers have given – because none of my blog gratitude would be possible without you.  So thank you, which doesn’t feel like the right words to express – but I just wanted to take a little moment to shout it out to the world how grateful I am for all you people and things.

Yesterday, on thanksgiving we took King’s new bike (sans training wheels, might I add) for a spin. 15 minutes into the teaching ride, Chris let go and he was off on his own! Like first ever time on a pedal bike and pow, he’s a pro! I think my Holy Poop face up there says it all, totally blown away and proud – what an amazing way to end the weekend. Harlow got her first spin on the “new to her” balance bike, she went from wobble to steady push offs in a few minutes – she’s going to have that thing figured out in no time!

*I really wanted to add a small little note because I am so grateful everyday for my little space on the internet, the people that visit and the amazing opportunities and support it has brought me and my family. I wanted to extend an offer of 20% discount on all regular sized ads for November and December (shoot me an email if you are interested), hopefully I can share a little of what makes me grateful abut this space.

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