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The response to my little Instagram series has been nothing short of amazing! For me it was this really fun way to document our Canadian season changes and the change in my kiddos, I loved doing it and had no idea anyone else would even blink and eye over it (and that was very ok, as it wasn’t the goal). The emails, comments and over 36.4K pinterest pins (as of today) on this little series have been mind boggling. I decided I would continue my calendar into 2014, why say goodbye to a good thing – also I’m pretty sure my kids will love having this to look back on, I know I will. And because so many of you have asked I figure it would be extra fun if I invited the rest of you to join in.

I figure to make it more of a project and a better fit for everyone, let’s call it the SAME SPOT CALENDAR (because it makes sense, it’s short and the hashtag is not taken). It’s a photo a month project, 12 photos is all it takes – it doesn’t have to be your kids who stand in the same place and you don’t need to add text (you can if you want, or add it later). What do you say, wanna add another photo project to your year? same spot calendar JOIN THROUGH YOUR BLOG: The last day of every month I will post my photo calendar for that month, with a link up included – so you can link up, if you like.

JOIN THROUGH YOUR INSTAGRAM: Post your photo at any point in the month, and use the hashtag #samespotcalendar you can mention @heartandhabit if you like, you may not like to s no pressure.

Tips: I chose a spot that had a background that showcased the change in the seasons, but a cityscape, busy street, maybe in front of a favorite shop, or site that decorates/landscapes for each season/holiday would be fun. I also made sure the spot I chose had a landmark I could remember, for the kids to stand beside each time and for me to stand when taking the pic – really it was the sidewalk lines I followed, sorta kinda like a landmark.

Instagram Tips: you can use the Impression app to plaster words on your photos, and I use VSCOcam app to edit my photos.

Blog Tips: photoshop for adding text – or maybe picmonkey, I don’t know editing programs other then PS very well.

*I will post on the blog first, with the link up and on instagram the same day so you can use that as your reminder to post if you like – I might or might not keep the text off, I just haven’t quite decided. I’m excited, and so overwhelmed that so many of you are interesting in joining!

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moments to remember, a photo a month, photo project, month to month changes, kids growing A years worth of iPhone photos, taken in the same spot at the same time every month. All saved under the IG hashtag #handhcalendar . I really adore this series and all that it captures; the change in my kids throughout the year, the love between them and our beautiful and full four seasons of weather. I am so glad I didn’t drop it or forget to keep it up, because I almost did many a times.

Have a fantastic weekend and a great holiday week, no matter which holiday you celebrate. I am planning to take it easy and take a wee break on the blog next week. I have really big plans to eat too much, relax, put my feet up, practice lot’s of yoga, have loads of facetime dates with far away friends and family and most importantly cuddle the crap outta my family. Wishing you all the happiest of holidays, wishing you all loads of love, happiness and some extra time to relax and recharge – talk soon! x

JOIN IN FOR 2014! Capture your own SAME SPOT CALENDAR photos and use the hashtag #SAMESPOTCALENDAR and mention @heartandhabit when you post (if you so please). Or come back to the blog and link up your calendar photo on the last day of every month – you can read more about the link up / photo project here!


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