SCENES-FROM-YESTERDAY1 Lately, they are looking so grow up – and just about the same height!

Since the first day of March break didn’t really look super spring like, we decided to spend half the day in a greenhouse. Fakin’ it till the weather makes it.

SCENES-FROM-YESTERDAY3 SCENES-FROM-YESTERDAY5 SCENES-FROM-YESTERDAY6 SCENES-FROM-YESTERDAY7 King very proudly sporting one of the tee’s from our collab with mini mioche (you can grab it here) – he was asked a good 10 times if his Mom really cuts his hair and he answered every time with a very confused “Yeah, why?”.

SCENES-FROM-YESTERDAY8 SCENES-FROM-YESTERDAY9 SCENES-FROM-YESTERDAY10 I cannot believe this was our very first time going to Allan Gardens (in Toronto), it was a fantastic way to spend the the day. Very beautiful, educational and my most favorite…free!!

SCENES-FROM-YESTERDAY11 King eats a good 2-3 apples a day, Harlow just digs doing whatever he does.

SCENES-FROM-YESTERDAY12 SCENES-FROM-YESTERDAY13 Our afternoon was spent planting. We each planted a herb, a plant they can each take care of and then assist when we use it for cooking.

SCENES-FROM-YESTERDAY14 Then the early evening was spent, waiting and wondering why the plants hadn’t sprouted yet.

So far March break is going great, crazy busy and a lot crazy. We have been busy with activities and outings  and since our budget was tight for this week (due to spring and summer class and camp sign ups happening all at once, always) my plan for March break was to keep spending at a minimum. So far, we have had jam packed days and I’ve spent next to nothing. I was thinking of sharing some of our free fun ideas, if anyone is interested? Maybe they could act as an inspiration for summer fun.



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