September 2010

And here’s Trendy Little Things for boys…

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

If you missed Trendy Little Things for girls, see it here. Happy Shopping!!



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There are always so many cute, hip and adorable little things for kids, I decided why not create a post featuring some of the trendy things for kiddos. “Trendy Little Things” is a new post, featuring you guess it, different items and their trends.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

Since I spend last week shopping for a winter coat for Kingston, and really now is the time to buy your kids those winter coats, my first post is about those cold weather gems!

And of course Trendy Little Things for boys will not be left out and will follow in a couple hours.

I would love to hear your feedback on my new feature. 🙂


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Every single night for the past 6 months I have asked Kingston the same question every evening, “What do you want for dinner?”

Every single night for the past 6 months, Kingston has answered “CHEESE!!”. Or if I suggest something he always adds “With Cheese!!”. The past couple weeks, as his vocabulary gets larger, and his words get clearer, he has changed up his answer a bit {as if he wants to show off}. Now he ‘acts’ like he has to think about it for a bit, and responds, “Hmmmmm…CHEESE!!”.

“CHEESE!!” is also his favourite pose when we pull out the camera. 🙂


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I can’t rave enough about Padraig. Their slippers are seriously AH-mazing!!

They come in sizes for the whole family {mom and dad too!}, and a color palette to please every member. Kingston is already onto his second pair of slippers and Harlow has a pair waiting for her tiny feet to grow into.

Padraig is a Canadian based company {that it self wins my heart}. Each slipper is made from pure wool, hand crocheted and hand dyed. The sole is made from tough leather and lined with super soft {feels exactly like a cloud} sheepskin.

Everytime I put King’s slippers on his little feet, I’m sooo jealous. I’m definitely asking Santa for my own pair for Christmas!

Also The Winner of the Cuteness Overflow Giveaway is…….

Congratulations Ginny!! And thank you all for entering! I hope to have more giveaways for you all in the near future!



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This week I was searching Etsy, and came across some amazing Handmade Halloween finds. Halloween is about a month away, definitely time to start planning, crafting and buying those costumes.

1. Royal Kane’s Charlie Brown Tee 2. Sweet Pea Toad Tots Cat in the Hat costume

3. Rae Gun’s Pebbles Costume 4. Slice of Lime Designs Superhero Costume

5. Itz Fitz’s Yarn Halloween Wreath 6. Peach Cheeks’ Ruby Slippers

7. The Green Hedgehog’s Yoda Hat 8. Lover Dovers Clothing’s Snow White Costume

9. Katesy’s Max Costume 10. Nmelone’s Marsha the Owl

11. Kirras Boutique Dorothy Costume 12. Elskan’s Lion Hat and Diaper Cover

13. YOUgNeek’s Star Trek Badge 14. Sweet Pea Toad Tots Little Black Lamb Hat



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A few things Kingston found a little extra interesting this week.

Have a fantastic Sunday!!


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Last week our Best Buds were here visiting, it was a fantastic week for all 4 of us. Kingston got to spend an entire week with his little girlfriend.

These two little sweet hearts are madly in love with each other, always hugging, kissing. They have to be beside each other or hold hands whenever they see each other. And they do this totally all on their own, with no push what so ever from their parents. That’s what makes it so unbelievably sweet and heart melting. We just wish they lived closer so King could see his beautiful future wife everyday.



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line’s List of Hollywoods Best Dressed Kids 2010

A slight interruption to Baby Blackbird’s regular Friday ‘Mini Celebrity’ post, for some real mini celebrities.

Kingston Rossdale.

If my son is going to have the same name as anyone {we totally had no idea there was another Kingston, when we named him}, I’m glad its a this trendy little guy.

Suri Cruise.

She’s way cooler and pulled together then me. I rarely wear heels anymore {not very conducive for pushing 2 kids in a stroller}, and this little cutie is always caught wearing little kitten heels.

Levi McConaughey.

This kids makes the rest of use look like slobs when we dress casual. He’s totally got a hip boho boy style going on.

Shiloh Jolie-Pitt.

She’s already a stunner {like anyone is surprised}, and totally dresses like a cute little tomboy. I really like that her parents let her dress how she wants, she’s adorable no matter what.

Romeo Beckham.

I’m totally not shocked that David and Victoria Beckham’s son is beautiful and stylish, but I am shocked that he looks like he’s a teenager and he’s only 7! This kid looks like a model, if only he had a record deal, the teens and tweens would be like “Bieber who?”

Nahla Aubry.

I love this little ones style, she’s totally beautiful and has a wicked, unique, casual chic look going on. I want a few of her outfits in my size.

Maddox Jolie-Pitt.

I’m sure each year there is going to be another Jolie-Pitt added to the Best Dressed list, until they take over! This kid is a little rock star, he is far better dressed then most men I know.

Honor Warren.

Beautiful! Just like her mommy. Another tyke with a wicked, casual chic style, her mom is a trend setter, it was totally expected that her daughter would follow in her trendy footsteps.

Jaden & Willow Smith.

When did these kids become teens? And holy rap they are funky!! I love how one of a kind they are, love that they dress to the beat of their own drum and are great at it!

Violet Affleck.

Wow look at that smile!! Her dressy, happy go lucky style is a hit. But seriously anything would look good on a pretty little girl with a smile like that!

Thank you



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