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spectator1 spectator2 spectator4 spectator3 As these two grow, so do my personal life skill sets. As much as I feel we are teaching and shaping them, they are always doing to same to us. These days I feel pretty confident that I could add mediator and spectator to my resume, maybe not my career resume but my mom resume for sure. My new-ish skills that I have acquired over time, might be some of my favorite that my kids have taught me (and they have taught me a lot).

I love what comes with them or how I came about owning them (the skills, but yes also the kids). Being able to sit back and watch them play together, listen to the games and scenarios they create is nothing short of amazing. When they get along it’s just so amazing, they compliment each other so well and bring out parts of one another that may not otherwise shine quite as brightly. Let’s be honest, it’s not always like this – they don’t really fight like cats and dogs per say, it’s more of a semi constant old married couple bicker. Either way, when they argue (and it happens often) my new found expert mediator skills come into play. And really (in hindsight) the sibling fighting is awesome but in a less amazing way, they are testing and teaching each other life skills in those moments as well – just in a much more patience testing way. Basically siblings and them spending time together, are pretty darn priceless – for all the millions of reasons; the moments they spend with each other, the things they teach one another, the memories that are created and the extra skills they teach me (to name just a few).

*King’s Shirt C/O RUUM – Harlow’s Shirt a hand me down from her bro.

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Mónica February 18, 2014 at 11:02 am

Mine are starting to play together and I love them so entertaining though she still does not understand the rules suggest that his brother (in two weeks is three years). Kisses and happy Tuesday.


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