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Small Style Icon this week features one of our most popular Mini Street Styler’s, the stylish and cute; Tessa {you can see her in MSS here, here and here}. Her fantastic curly blonde hair, her pretty hipster style, and her overall adorableness have made her a Mini Street Style all star. So it only made sense to ask beautiful Tessa and her mom Michelle {who also happens to be an old friend of mine} if they would give us a few tips on how to dress like a Small Style Icon…

Shirt: Zara…Skirt: Old Navy…Shoes: Zara…Bracelet: her mom’s from aerie

What are your favourite stores or brands you like to shop at, for Tessa?

Zara is probably my favourite stores to shop at but I always check out H&M, Old Navy and The Gap as well.  I love Crewcuts and AE77 for online shopping.  I mostly stick to the same stores/brands so I know the fit and quality will be good.  Tessa wears a lot of denim and on a whim I found a sale and got the best pair of jeans at All Saints.  Typically though most of her denim is from The Gap.  For special or unique items I like to check out the local boutiques or Etsy.

Do you have any tips for putting a little outfit together for other Mom’s who are wanting to dress their little one like a small icon?

Accessorize, with necklaces, bracelets, scarfs, hair clips, etc.  Pay attention to trends, trendy items can be fun if they suit your (child’s) style.  Fashion blogs and Pinterest are great places to get inspired.  Try things on,  sometimes clothing looks cute on the hanger but completely ridiculous on.  The last fun little tip i love to do with my kids (i have a nine month old girl too) is coordinate our outfits, sometimes it happens by accident, but it’s a great way for me to be creative when we are getting ready.

 Tunic: Zara…Shorts: 77kids {hidden a bit under the tunic}…Sandals: Zara…Scarf: Crewcuts…Bracelets: Crewcuts and Groove Stone.

Does Tessa’s style mirror your own or is her personalty beginning to shine thru? Does she ever pick out her own clothes?

Tessa’s style definitely reflects mine.  I always ask “would i wear this” when I shop for her and I am completely jealous of her ever changing wardrobe… those pesky growth spurts. 😉  Some days she has a huge say in what she wears and others I pick everything.  Typically she will choose one item, the shoes or shirt (if she had it her way she would never wear bottoms).  It’s super fun to watch her develop her own opinions on what she wears… pink shirts are her favourite thing and sometimes the only thing she will wear right now! 🙂

Tunic: Zara…Jeans: The Gap…Shoes: Zara…Hairbow: Mom’s from H&M.

What are your {or Tessa’s} FAV 3 pieces that get the most wear/use?

A pair of good skinny jeans, a basic white tank, and a necklace or a bracelet… Tessa is obsessed with jewellery.


PS. Little Tessa and Little Lila also happen to be best buddies. Too much style and cuteness!!

Thank you so much Michelle and Tessa!!


So you know how on Friday I said I was a bit bummed cause we weren’t going to be going to any TIFF showings this year, and the only movie I really wanted to see was Drive? Well my husband surpirsed me by getting off work super early with tickets to the Drive Premier! Super stoked to spend some {he’s been working is booty off} time with him, see Ryan Gosling in person {watch the circus of women and men screaming when they saw him} and the movie…was fantastic!


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September 12, 2011 · Daily Dose,Small Style Icon


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andrea September 12, 2011 at 12:18 pm

ah miss tessy! you’re the cutest, most stylish little lady 🙂 love you!!


Alix September 12, 2011 at 2:52 pm

YAY Tessa! She is such a cutie…..and that head of hair! ROCKIN’!


John Leiws Sale September 15, 2011 at 9:39 am

OMG she is so adorable i want a stylish daughter like her


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