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snow-snow-go-away1 snow-snow-go-away2 snow-snow-go-away3 What’s more annoying then someone who complains about the weather all the time? A blogger who does. But I’m going there anyways. This winter has been a brutal one, one that reminds me of growing up in Alberta – so cold and so much darn snow expect without all our family and friends to enjoy it.

Yesterday we woke up to a winter flipping wonderland, at first I wasn’t mad. It was beautiful and the temperatures so nice and mild (I was also walking home from yoga, so extremely blissed out) but as the day went on it became the most annoying thing in the world and my cabin fever went into over-drive. Winter seems to put me through so many emotional roller coaster rides (or maybe winter blues episodes). When it first hits, I’m angry. Then it gets all pretty and Christmas-y and I love it. Then the new year comes around and those love hate episodes sorta change by the hour or day. Only a few more weeks left of this “beautiful” winter wonderland, I’m trying hard to keep my distaste all to myself (or at least far from my kids) – because to them cabin fever means writing on the window and the snow is complete and utter magic every single time it falls.

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· February 6, 2014 · in Daily,Real Life


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dearlylalizzie February 6, 2014 at 10:22 am

I am also having cabin fever. I need it to be warm again so I enjoy being outside and I miss my daily trips with my daughter to the park 🙁 I feel like I’m going crazy! But we are trying to enjoy the snow while it lasts, I guess.


Andrea @ HMRM. February 6, 2014 at 12:58 pm

It seems like it’s been a hard winter for everyone, no matter where they live. We’re in Virginia and while we haven’t been hit by quite as much snow as Chicago or NYC we’re still sick of it. :/ We brought out the window markers today to – aren’t they great? Kept my little girl occupied for the entire morning. I think she love cleaning it off the window as much as she likes coloring.


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