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One part special birthday, mixed with a Sunday and sorta crapola weather, made for a pretty unexpectedly awesome sweaty day. That tall drink of water I call husband/Chris, turned a whopping BLEEP BLEEP (I will save his age, after all this is my blog not his). We tried our best to celebrate him as best we could, under the rainy, humid overly tired circumstances. Also, my camera it totally died like 20 mins into the day – which really had little to do with our day, but I felt like telling you anyways. At the time  of the battery dying made me unusually annoyed, but then it was sorta nice. We love snapping photos, most don’t even end up on the blog (that’s how picture happy we are) – but it sure is nice to literally not be able to snap away.

It’s funny how it works, but I usually find the days where we have high expectations (or maybe it’s just me who has them) our day never really pans out. And sometimes (many times) we struggle to make it be what we THINK it should be. I swear it’s always on those days I want to be extra special. It’s probably mart of Murphy’s Law (that guy must have been a real jerk, hey?) but really I think we (my family) just functions better when we are spontaneous and just start the day with no expectations. When we leave the stress behind, even the small possibly stress growing things like “plans”. It took me most of the day to realize this, and then I looked back and saw what a truly great day we were having even though it wasn’t how I had envisioned – it was us celebrating and doting on Chris and it turned out perfectly (just like him, ting!).

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· July 8, 2013 · in Daily,Real Life


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funkylindsay July 8, 2013 at 10:20 pm

Even though you mentioned that it was a sweaty day in the streets of TO, your photos really are beautiful (and I wouldn’t think "sweaty").

I also really dig your daughter’s tee.


Heart and Habit July 9, 2013 at 9:08 am

Thank you! I think it’s a good thing my camera died 30 mins in, we still looked pretty unmelted. 🙂


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