Super Dad, we have one and he is the super-ist (sorry, I can’t help it I really like to make up words). I’m sure you have one too! I feel his Dad super powers every time I look at him, and I can’t help but feeling that my kids won the Dad jackpot (way better then the 50 million dollar jackpot).

The best is seeing it in their eyes, and even out of their mouths: My Dad is the fastest, he can jump the highest ever, he is the most handsome, he is the silliest funny guy, he is so strong stronger then you Momma, he has the longest legs in the earth! I remember actually thinking my Dad could just pluck a 100 year old tree from the ground, with his bare hands and no effort at all. I love seeing my kids watch their super Dad – and I love getting to experience it all over again, but from the very proud wife seat this time around.

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· February 1, 2013 · in Daily Dose,Family Life


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