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yoga with kids, take a breath this season, crazy holidays We really try to keep our holidays simple when it comes to gifts, and instead focus on the spirit of the season and just being together. But lets be honest, there is no way to keep shopping and spending totally out of the equation – and as much as I try to plan ahead to keep shopping down around this time, I am just naturally a late Christmas shopper.

For the past two weeks everyday has literally been an errand day for Harlow and I, we have a little more to get done this holiday season (you too?) and because things are much slooooowwwwer when you have a snow pants wearing kiddo in tow (one errand a day, takes literally all day). Today is our last day of errands and crazy running around, getting shite done. I tried to pack it in so that starting tomorrow our days would be free in clear, relatively. So this is me reminding myself to stop and take a breath and enjoy the season. Tomorrow instead of rushing off to the stores, we will get back into the cuteness that is practicing yoga together and just enjoying the slow holiday days ahead (also trying to play catch up to my messy neglected home and an over flowing to do list and inbox). Happy almost end of week, make sure you stop and take a breath for yourself today (and tomorrow).

*It totally looks like she’s pulling my hair, but I swear she’s not. Her little hands are in prayer and my hair is just whacking her in the face.

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December 19, 2013 · Daily,REAL LIFE,YOGA


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