Texting With Friends / 01

cherry blossoms / texting with friends If we were friends, like in real life friends (maybe we are, and if so aww you read my blog!) I’d probably send you random texts throughout the week. With my random thoughts, random things I see or think about that remind me of someone. Or just generally things I think they would think are awesome/funny. Random is sorta my game, just ask anyone who knows me in real life. So because it’s fun andI think you guys will think some of the random things we share are also awesome/funny, I thought “hey sometimes I’ll share them here too”.
Call it a link round-up, whatever — but here is just some awesome things I (and my friends) found floating around the net. And the above photo, it’s from last weekend at the Cherry Blossom festival, nope it wasn’t busy at all.

  • Whine About It with Matt Bellassai, we should probably be friends if you loved this video too.
  • I like this pretty moon phases print, you probably will too and if you get it our homes will be matching..sorta.
  • Because I really like natural cleaners, but am always googling how to make them — an all in one infographic/recipe list.
  • A gigantic resource for free (I looove free) vintage prints that are printable. I probably just could have said vintage printable’s, but I didn’t.
  • For later in life when you have teenagers, there is even a free printable! I’m holding on to this one for later.
  • Sure it’s an ad, but I found it pretty helpful for making my food last longer in the fridge.
  • And for the slightly boring stuff, and because my mac is lagging (probably on it’s very last leg) I had to clean it up again, maybe you do too?

And hey, happy long weekend Canadian friends and happy weekend everyone else, sorry to rub it in. Or if you’re viewing this from our newsletter on Monday, hope your weekend was great!

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