This totally goes against my, tips for staying focused while working from home. But let me start by saying, during the day I never watch tv while working. Or even better, I never watch shows while I’m working during my “golden hours” – when my work is at its most productive I need full attention on the task at hand, that’s when I follow these rules to a T.

But when it comes to working during the evening, say when Chris is working late or I have things I want to get done? I often turn a background show on, makes me feel like I’m half relaxing/half being productive. Does that make sense? I have a few go to programs for the “while I’m working” show list, most might also be considered guilty pleasure tv because they usually don’t require my full attention to know what’s going on. What better time to get a guilty pleasure tv show in, then when you are semi-productively doing something else?

reality-tv True blue guilty pleasure tv, best watched when you are semi-productively working or studying at night (or off working hours). TLC, MTV, ANIMAL PLANET or DISCOVERY (though the last two are way less guilty) all fall under this category for me. You can leave a channel on, find a show on Netflix, or stream from the networks website and just let it go all the live long work-night. [ image is from man vs. wild, one of our favorite reality tv shows.]


Teen dramas for the background show win! If it’s predictable and you probably wouldn’t tell your friends you actually watch it, it’s probably go for the evening working hours (or maybe laundry folding hours?). Since finishing GG, I moved onto Pretty Little Liars (thank’s to a good friend who always tells me about her guilty tv pleasures) and it’s equally as good for while I work. [ image is from fanpop ]


Good for anytime all the time, in my opinion. I know it’s not a “show” but generally any show on this network is a good background show. Often is falls under the reality tv category, but not always. I think any show from the Food Network (many of them are popping up on Netflix now) will always be some of my favorite background shows to work too. [ image from castles and cooks ]


I also like to watch this, while I’m not working. But I tend to get so into it and sometimes I make myself paranoid that it just works out better to be a background show. It really doesn’t matter which series of Law and Order it is, they are all good in my books (a few of them are on Netflix now). [ image from salon.com ]


Food Network and HGTV, both top my list for things to watch while I’m doing other things (what a mouthful). Another show that’s not a “show”, but it’s easier to be general when all of them fall under the category. As long as I have these two in my background show life, I’m happy! [ image from HGTV ]

Do you have a favorite background show? Or maybe a guilty pleasure show you adore?


JUST-BECAUSE-GIFTS_02 glass half full print / iphone case / wood coasters / wood braceletsfaceted pots / sandals / tank maxi dress / embroidered necklace / money clip / skull pot / handbag / the most print

The best gifts happen for-no-reason-at-all. Birthday, schmurthday see something you know a friend (family member or significant other) will love, get it for them now. A thoughtful gift just because you were thinking about someone, can come in many forms; a hug, a phone call, a coffee date, heck even a really nice gift from this list. And hey, don’t forget yourself, this bagsandals or tank maxi dress just because you totally deserve it.


There are so many really cool start-ups out there, many come through my inbox. Most are projects that are trying to get funded via kickstarter, I wish I could help kick-start many/most of them but that’s just not possible. The next best thing to dishing out dough, to help another reach their dreams? Sharing their project with others, with hopes that maybe someone else can help make a dream come true. Here are 5 really cool projects that I’m totally into and maybe you will be too.

CORTICA The Cortiça : A 12 oz porcelain travel mug wrapped and insulated with cork. Sustainable, eco-friendly and bio-degradable. I personally really dislike the way any hot drink tastes out of those plastic travel mugs, like I’d almost rather drink outta a paper cup (sorry Earth). A travel mug that will make sure my coffee tastes just the way it does at home? Putting that in my shopping cart, for sure. Check it out.

NOMADIX Nomadix : A towel for every activity, made to have the features of a regular hot yoga towel (my best way to describe it) but suited for so many activities and in really fun patterns. These towels are absorbent, quick drying, slip resistant, light weight, reversible, anti microbial, and made for recycled materials. I use a similar towel for hot yoga, so would be super keen to try a funky one like this. Check it out.

OMIEBOX OmieBox : A lunch box that will pack both cold and hot meals and has movable separators to make packing a little lunch without all that extra “packaging” super easy. Basically there is a removable thermos, that is super easy for kids to use and still tons of space to pack the rest of their lunch. This would make packing lunch in one easy to carry container super easy. I don’t know about you, but finding a really great lunch box takes quite a bit of searching – this one basically combines all the things I have looked for except, all in one cute little box. Check it out.

NAJA Naja : Really pretty high quality lingerie, made by single mothers or female-heads of household – so you get some really unique undergarments while giving a single mother a job. Anything that can help a Mom take care of her family is a great thing, so it doesn’t hurt that the items are so fresh and pretty. Check it out.

PRIORITY Priority : We are in the market for bikes, and this kickstarter totally caught my eye. Not only is the bike totally innovative; no chain, puncture resistant tires, light weight, totally maintenance free. But it’s also 100% the style of bike I’ve been day-dreaming of, simple and timeless – plus the price tag looks right up my alley.  Check it out.

*Like any/many kickstarters, if you back a certain amount you will be guaranteed to get an item – usually off the first run, which is pretty cool if you like the item enough to back it and you like to have things first. What do you think, love any of these products?