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I have to be honest, I’ve been really second guessing myself with this whole blogging thing lately. Hooo Humming almost every post and every little word. Over analyzing each photo, thought and post. Wondering if it “fits” the mold I have created for my blog, if it measures up with all the other blogs, or if anyone will even like it! I actually wrote a long post laying out all my second guessing thoughts, which ended with me asking you readers for your feedback on what you love most about this blog.

But I had a “punch myself in the face and snap out of it” moment. I realized after having an exceptionally frustrating internet day/week/month, that I really like blogging (plain and simple). I love putting posts together, thinking of ideas, snapping endless photos and getting all these crazy thoughts out of my head in a creative sometimes very random, nonsensical manner. I found that I love blogging best when I ignore the thoughts of what others may be doing. Then the how I measure up thoughts dissipate (a little), and I get to share what is important or enjoyable to me in the moment.

I noticed that I enjoy marching to the beat of my own drum, but sometimes I forget that and try to march with the whole entire big band and then my drumming just gets messy and off rhythm. I also realized, as much as I love you all (and I really do adore you readers, really I do) that there is always going to be many of you who come here for the kids style, the photos of us running amok in the city, maybe even some mom style, my random bursts of real feelings and maybe even my nonsensical and sometimes quirky stories, etc etc. And that’s okay, because I am so many things, and I am interested in (or dare I say, good at) many different things. I like to share what comes naturally, what I feel compelled to share in that moment or just what feels right and fun (and sometimes scary, the good kind of scary).

So that post sitting in my drafts, about how I felt like I lost my groove and asking for feedback? I deleted it. I think it’s always better to kick self doubt and self deprecating thoughts in the teeth and leave them in your dust as you move forward (the one’s you can’t learn from anymore). So back on track, listening to the beat of my drum I go!

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May 30, 2013 · Daily,Dear Diary,REAL LIFE


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