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the best toddler backpacks 1. durable and classic cool $40 / 2. funky and simple $39 / 3. rainbow of colors $55 / 4. sturdy and stripey $48 / 5. classic cool $39 / bag style $24.95

Not that there is anything wrong with buying your kiddo a cute Hello Kitty knapsack, or a super cool Lightning McQueen backpack. It is just our personal taste to buy things for our kids that are a bit more basic and timeless, and to save the fun character stuff for what fill the inside of the bag (because you know these little backpacks will be jammed packed with toys). Also, I really like the idea of a blank slate, we can add patches and personalized embroidery depending on what each kiddo is into at the time (I know my kids have fleeting obsessions).  These more plain bags are well made and in it for the long haul (that’s why the prices are a tad bit higher), I know some of the fun character bags don’t last much longer then one school year.

So with ALL that being said, I have been on the hunt for backpacks for both Kingston and Harlow, something they can use to carry summer toys and maybe a special snack to the park (and then use for school come September) these are the 6 Backpacks for toddlers I think are The Bee’s Knees!

My personal favorite is number one, it’s durable and classic cool (I plan to buy each kiddo one and add fun patches), which is your favorite? The sturdy and stripey bag is made for mom, but it’s on the smaller side so could fit a toddler pretty great as well.


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    I feel the same way1 although now I feel a little less guilty about not getting my kids the backpacks they sometimes want. I love your choices!:)

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    I like number 1 and number 3! ps. completely agree with saving the characters etc. for what’s inside! I love these bee’s knees posts!

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    I’m digging the classic cool style from American Apparel – rad colour choices!

    I’m kinda sorta starting back to school shopping now. There isn’t much to get but I’d much rather do it now than amidst the insanity that is back to school in the fall.

    One item off the list!

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    We have the American Apparel one for Tayvee and she loves it! It’s a good size that I think will be great for even when she’s older. I want that #2 bag for me!! But I just ordered a Fjallraven one. 🙂


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