On Monday I flew out to LA, to meet team Barbie. It was a flash of a trip, just a little over 24 hours and 12 of those hours spent on a flight (or watching 4 full length movies, same diff). A lot, I mean A LOT of people have asked how my trip was. Which is mostly (all) my fault because I didn’t really remember to tell everyone about it or really even say anything on here  – whoops. With the small amount of photos that I did take, here is how my LA (there and back) trip went.

fire dinner I arrived at my hotel, jumped on the bed (what else does one do when they have a bed all to themselves?) and enjoyed some cable tv. I met up with the other girls (ladies) who are also part of the #BarbieProject and it was a much much less awkward dinner then I had imagined and really just a lovely time.

me The time difference meant I was up the next day at 5 am and ready to hit the day at 6am. I figured it was a good time to test my selfie skills, I realize now that they are not a natural skill ones is born with and most likely something I could work on.

breakfast Let me just tell you, there is no real beautiful way to take a photo of oatmeal. There is no filter will make it look more beautiful and appetizing, but never the less a photo was taken. Mostly because anywhere that serves grapefruit for breakfast has won my heart and how else does one express that without taking a photo?

hotwheels We spent the day at the Mattel Handler building, where all the design and marketing happens. I had to check my camera and was sworn to secrecy about what we saw and heard that day. But I will say one thing, the tour of the Barbie design process and learning about all that goes into making a Barbie, was incredibly fascinating.  The day of meetings was eye-opening, pretty inspiring, full of learning and appreciating others points of views and the amount of work that goes into even the smallest of things – okay so I said a little more than one thing, so sue me…but really don’t! I was able to snap a pic (and play with) of the hot wheels track that trailed along the entrance, mostly for Kingston but I’ll share it with you guys anyways.

carrides I saw a few parts of LA, mostly from the back seat of an SUV – it was still pretty cool.

lunch Lunch on the beach. Let me just tell you, putting two tables of 10 women in a semi quiet restaurant quickly changes the entire vibe and makes it sound a little less casual lunch spot and much more like party central.

beach beach2 Okay I lied. I had a moment to walk down the beach. Me and the other Canadian Mom (go figure the Canadians, hey/ay?) ran down to the pier for a short tourist moment.

toys The only photo I snapped of the ladies I spent my day with (they all deserve much more of a spot light then this, but it’s all I got). After a pretty successful toy shopping trip – for some more than others….. Jenny with the FULL shopping cart.

feet home And then in a blink (plus a very sleepless red-eye flight), I was home (to a very clean house, I might add) back snuggling my kids and falling asleep on my husbands shoulder.

I went there and after a full 12 hours of sleep last night, I’m officially back.

*I haven’t shared any, or really had the chance to catch a glimpse of one until now – Barbie has been putting out little videos that add to the #BarbieProject conversation. This video (I just watched it) really spoke to me, it’s really in line with how I felt and the process I went through with introducing Barbie to Harlow. *this post is NOT sponsored.


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