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the-ex1 the-ex2 the-ex3 the-ex4 the-ex5 the-ex6 the-ex7 We planned to go to The EX from the beginning of last week, but never told the kids our plans. Our 5.75 years of parenting have taught us many things, and one of them is to keep most big exciting things a secret. Because, well surprises are awesome and surprising kids is the most awesome – I live for those squeals and watching them vibrate because “everything is just so awesome”. But most importantly, telling two little kids on a Monday that you will be doing something like going on amusement rides that Friday, is a recipe for “is it Friday yet?” line of questions every 2-5 minutes for the entire 4 days leading up. So because Chris wanted to give them something extra to look forward too, but save me from the on-slot of repetitive questions, he told them we were going to the toilet factory on Friday – and then everyday talked up those toilets. Funny thing is, they were super excited about it. Like we probably could have saved all the money The EX sucked out of us and just gone to Home Depot’s toilet isle. Okay not really, the toilet isle wouldn’t have given these them smiles. But maybe something to keep in my back pocket for a rainy day.

As always the exhibition was a great time. We went around dinner time, on opening day – things were pretty quiet, it was great. The kids went on a bunch of rides, we found some healthy food (a carnival unicorn), Chris and I each went on one ride (he screamed like a girl) and we went home wayyy too late – something the kids are still punishing me for.

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August 18, 2014 · Daily,REAL LIFE


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