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otherdays1 otherdays2 otherdays3 Yesterday was Family Day, a holiday created for people to spend with the ones they love. It is naturally a day I think we put a bit of pressure on ourselves, to make it a great holiday. The whole hope and plan to make it a great day, in my experience can be a recipe for a flunking grade on the day. A few weeks ago, my little family and I had one of those amazing days that turns out so well, despite nothing actually working out. I came to the conclusion (at the end of that day) that amazing days filled with nothing but the people you love make for a perfect day solely depend on everyone’s moods.

Yesterday Family Day, was not one of those perfect days. It was one of those other days, the kind where not a thing works out. The bad mood seems to just get passed around and around and around, and everyone seems to have a bit of a guard up fighting off the grumpies that come their way. It is one of those days, that really doesn’t have a lot of photos to document it because who wants to take a photo of a tantrum or a frustrated parent – not I. It’s funny because frustrating, grumpy days always seem to often happen on holidays like yesterday, when expectations are high and the pressure of making the last day of the weekend a great one are at a tipping point. I wouldn’t say any of it is a bad thing, because I also wouldn’t call yesterday a bad day. It was a natural day, one where we all felt comfortable enough to just feel whatever we were gonna feel and then felt better in the end after we did so. When it came to the end of the day, as one kiddo fell asleep in my arms and the other sweet talked himself to get to play a game on our phone – Chris and I both looked at each other, sighed and smiled because it was a rough one that was now near the end, because it reminded us how even grumpy days are awesome when we are with the ones we love most. Also sitting in that moment of relative silence after a semi therapeutic day of getting emotions out, mixed with knowing we had a bottle of wine waiting for us at home is also something to smile about.

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· February 18, 2014 · in Daily,Real Life


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Tina February 18, 2014 at 3:08 pm

I have never heard of family day before. I’m sorry yours didn’t turn out well 🙁


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