TINY URBAN WINDOW GARDEN TINY URBAN WINDOW GARDEN TINY URBAN WINDOW GARDEN TINY URBAN WINDOW GARDEN TINY URBAN WINDOW GARDEN Over spring break instead of planting flowers or something really fun, the kids and I planted herbs (still fun, but much less of a “oh look it bloomed” impact). I thought it would be nice for them to each have a plant to care for and then learn about how that plant can be used when we cook – sorta a little full circle project. So far our teeny tiny little window garden is thriving, last time I tried this they didn’t last long enough to grow anything edible.

Right now we only have parsley, thyme and basil. Since we are all loving these three so much, and they aren’t dying – we will be adding a few more herbs and maybe even a vegetable (I have no idea which one will actually work in a small setting, any tips?) to our little window ledge garden. Currently it’s a very modest urban garden, at best – but it’s got the kids and I feeling very garden-y. So much so that the kids have been scooping out possible planting areas in parks and our shared backyard for a larger garden. Possibly one day we will have a place with some sort of a yard, but for now a teeny tiny window garden is the way to go.

*parsley was the only from scratch plant, which is why the slower growth. Due to a little-broken-pot-on-the-floor accident, Harlow decided on a tiny thyme plant instead of another seed.


  1. Rebecca says

    Given how much sunlight you get through that window, you should be able to grow lettuce or tomatoes. You could try a bell pepper plant, too. We did one of those indoors and managed to grow one tiny pepper.

    You should try an avocado pit as well. I bet King and Harlow would be blown away watching it grow, it is VERY cool.

    • Heart and Habit says

      Ooooh Thanks!! You realize I will probably come to you for all my growing stuff questions now. This issue with this big bright window is the heater right underneath it, sometimes it flashes on super hot – which is what killed all my plants before.

      • Rebecca says

        I kind of love growing things so I’m happy to answer any questions you have! 🙂

        The heater situation is a sucky one though. You could try hanging baskets instead of pots directly on the heater. There are TONS of really cool ideas on Pinterest – I’m sure you’ve seen a good chunk of them.

        Also research ‘container gardening’ since that’s what you’ll be doing. Good luck!! 🙂


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