easy breezy jersey dress (I would literally wear this EVERYDAY of the summer, I’m lusty over it). sunglasses (prescription sunglasses in my case, to hide my “it’s too hot, so I don’t wear makeup” eyes) . bucket bag (It looks just big enough to hold by DSLR and a wallet hence, perfect) . sandals (comfortable and perfect for parks, splash pads, walking miles and chasing kids)

I am still living my “need only basis” shopping rules (not very blogger of me, I know). It’s going pretty good, until I find something I dream about and check in on weekly/daily “just to see if it went on sale yet” (even though you know there is no chance any of it is going on sale). Like these items, especially that dress, it’s like the dress of my summer dreams. So since I don’t NEED any of these items (I just really really like all 4 of these items the most) I thought it best to get them out of my head with a post. So as far as everyday summer uniforms go, this would be my ideal one.

PS. I took the MOM off the Mom Uniform (title); because my uniforms are just that, uniforms and not really mom specific.



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