tribe_graffitti1 tribe_graffitti3 tribe_graffitti2 tribe_church1 tribe_church4 It’s been quite a while since I’ve been in front of the camera, for more then a moment at a time. This is one of my everyday uniforms, especially on days when I’m not sure what we are doing. Like this day, when we walked for 6km just exploring, because it finally felt like spring and no one wanted to be inside. Minimal, easy and extra classy with the hair elastic bracelets (you know you wear them too).  Also this bag, has replaced my backpack more days then not (and you know how I love a good backpack) – she holds quite a lot and looks pretty good doing it.

SHIRT: Aritzia – JEANS:H&M – BAG: c/o Tribe – SHOES: The Gap

This is not a review, and I was not paid to write a thing. Tribe sent me this bag to use and it just so happens that I happened to fall in love with it and then felt the need to tell you why. It’s made of real leather, but it’s sturdy not soft and supple. It’s strong and has enough space to hold quite a lot without looking like a bag that holds a lot. Tribe makes some amazing diaper bags, I owned the Singapore Sling and it was a really great work horse – so this is like a smaller version of a diaper bag without being big enough to hold the kitchen sink. It’s perfect for me, since I don’t carry diapers (thank you!). I can carry all my goods, plus some of the kids OR I realized this day I could maneuver my DLSR safely into this bag (with the kit lens) and the bag is sturdy enough to keep it safe, it was perfect for a day outing.

Tribe is offering 15% off the Rocks Bag + free global shipping for 2 weeks (2 April – 16 April). To receive both discounts enter these 2 codes at checkout:  HH15 and HHSHIP4FREE. (discounts are for The Rocks Bag only)

*all this talk about a diaper bag plus the way the wind is blowing my shirt in one photo it might appear that there is a bun in my oven. Let me assure you before anyone even asks – there is not, it was just a windy spring (yay, spring) day!



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