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1.Extra on the comfort, Dress  2.Hide that messy hair, Toque  3.Keep warm, Scarf  4.Don’t freeze your toes, Socks  5.You’ll probably need an extra layer, Hoodie  6.Don’t freeze your buns off, Coat  7.OMG I want these, Boots.

I name each outfit, to give it a purpose – but in all honesty they are all daily uniform attire (hence the obvious name, uniform). The only thing with this bad boy is I wouldn’t wear it when it’s below zero, actually that’s a lie I would but I would do some major running between locations. If I was the procrastinating type (I am) and I still had some Christmas shopping left to do (I do), I would probably plan a lunch (maybe with a friend who is also a last minute shopper) – and then I would totally wear this.

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