uniform | monday-to-friday fall style 1. cropped grey sweatshirt (on sale till Sunday) 2.boyfriend flannel 3.high-low choker necklace 4.quilted pencil skirt (25% off today with code:FAMILYNOW) 5.shortie gloves 6.two-tone socks 7.chunky black booties (25% off today with code:FAMILYNOW) 8.small leather backpack 9.black/gold watch

Monday to Friday, an outfit to get you through just about anything the week could throw at you. Staple fall layers and accessories, items that can be worn everyday, all-season-long. It seems to take some really good fall sales to get me in the mood for fall (saving money always puts me in a good mood), plus of course all the beautiful colors popping up outside. There are a bunch of really great sales going on right now (two really good ones in the links above) and a rainbow of fall colors happening outdoors, which means I’m officially (and finally) happy fall is here – but please, no pumpkin spiced lattes for me.



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