Uniform / No Time to Change

Uniform / After Work Out no.1 Tank Top – no.2 Reversible Sports Bra – n0.3 High Waisted Leggings – no.4 Small Neoprene Bag for Anything wet (or sweaty) – no.5 Dry Shampoo – no.6 Long Sweatshirt Cardigan – no.7 Yesterday Ball Cap – no.8 Red Nike Sneakers – no.9 Backpack

10 times outta 10, after yoga I have no time to go home and change into regular clothes. I either jump home and then head out to take the kids to school or straight on to errands. Sometimes (most of the time) there is just no time to go home and get “ready” so hey, might as well make the best of it! Head to your workout wearing something you can workout in (the sports bra and the leggings are workout ready) and can also wear afterwards or partially change into something that is dry/not sweaty. Of course there is no art to the ‘to and from‘ attire but if you are going to and from a lot then it’s a fun idea to think of that outfit as an important one (and maybe one you wear all day—because some days it’s just how it happens). And dry shampoo, because being fresh is always nice. Happy Friday!


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