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uniform overall it's a great idea striped top . overalls (a really great affordable pair) . red lipstick . leopard bag . cotton parka . gold ring set . strappy cut-out booties

In my humble opinion, overalls are always a great idea. I have been in a love affair with them since I was a wee little kid who only wanted to wear clothing if it had pockets. Flash forward, a few years (a few meaning many) and they have surpassed trends and shimmied right into the popular books. I can’t decide if I love or hate that they are popular. I’m totally one of those (probably annoying) people who get’s all meh about things when they hit the super popular quota . But since it’s been such a long standing love affair, I don’t think even my crazy un-attractions to popular items could make me fall out of love with a great pair of overalls. This outfit would easily be an everyday uniform for me and I’ve been on the hunt for a great pair of affordable overalls since I had to sell my babies last year – these have caught my eye, enough that I’ve checked 2 stores for them with no avail.

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· February 27, 2014 · in Daily,Uniform


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