WHILE SHE WAITS WHILE SHE WAITS In a super strange turn of events, Harlow was ready before me. This NEVER happens, you can tell I really mean it with the use of the capital letters. I am usually sitting at the door waiting and asking for her to please get ready, so many times that I get annoyed by the sound of my own voice. She is the slowest poke of them all, but also the sweetest (so it makes it very okay).

Today she asked if she could wear her new dress, she has been anxiously waiting for the weather to be anything other then winter (haven’t we all?) so she could wear it. Today I said yes, but only over pants – she raced to get dressed, came out all ready in a flash and played by the window singing “mommy hurry up” “momma I’m waiting” and other classic tunes like that. I of course, had to stop mid-blow dry to snap some pictures – because that’s what camera happy people do.

DRESS: Tutu Du Monde (a very sweet gift from L’Officiel Enfant ) – VEST: H&M – JEANS: H&M – BOOTS: Zara



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